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Wanted poster brought from Rostland one day after the group leaves. Kesten Garess brings it with him when he arrives with the squad of men.

One week after the defeat of at least six bandits and shown proof or validated by Oleg. The party shall receive 700 gp. COMPLETED!

Kobolds in the Hills
Either slay the kobolds or forge an alliance of peace.
The swordlords will send a reward of 1400 gp. COMPLETED

Before leaving to go to the Thorn river camp, Svetlana quietly asks the group to go south and
Moon Radish Soup
Pick at least 1 basket of moon radishes and bring it to her. She will pay the group 525 gp and if the group brings more than one basket she will make them some awesome soup. COMPLETED

Oleg will ask the group to get Svetlana’s wedding ring that the bandits took from her finger.
Svetlana’s Ring
When ring is found and given to Oleg he will give the group 1750 gp credit from the store. COMPLETED

Wanted:Falgrim Sneeg
Kasten Garess will reward the group for capturing a wanted murderer and robber that once part of his army unit. For capturing him alive he will give the group 2520 gp or 700 gp dead. COMPLETED

Temple of the Elk
Jhod Kavken asks the group to put to rest the ‘poor’ bear and clean out temple.
Reward: He will give the party a ring of Animal Friendship and will provide all of his spellcasting for free to the PCs for life(with the exception of expensive material components , which the PCs must still supply).

Wanted: Tatzlwyrm
source: Oleg and Goodseller
Goodseller has partnered up with Oleg and wishes to mount a tazlwyrm head at Oleg’s they will pay the group 1050 gpcs for an undamaged tatzlwyrm head.

Pesty Mites
source Goodseller and Swordlords.
Goodseller heard from the bandits that having the tribe of mites would not make it attractive for settlers to move to the area. He wants you to get rid of them any way you can. When shown proof he will approve 700 gold for the group. COMPLETED.

Wanted:Stag Lord
source Goodseller and Swordlords.
After speaking to the bandits Goodseller is convinced that if the leader this Stag Lord is killed for his crimes against humanity and nature this area would be much easier to secure.
Reward : He has authorised a payment of 10000 gold for his head or proof of his demise. COMPLETED

Wanted: Tuskgutter
source: Vekkel the one legged hunter has asked the group to kill the ill-tempered and dangerous beast named Tuskgutter. He lost his left leg to the beast and was forced to retire.
Reward: Vekel has promised to make a masterwork composite longbow and give 6 +1 animal bane arrows to whomever can kill the beast. He also plans on having a pig roast and sharing the feast with everyone.

Quest: Davik’s Revenge
source: Even though the party has yet to encounter the restless spirit of Davik Nettle the bandits have told them exactly where he is and what he keeps moaning to anyone within hearing distance. The Staglord has told everyone to stay away.
Completion: When the party throws the Staglord’s body in the shrike river at the site of the massacre he will reward the party with his magical harpoon. He may also ask for a boon from Father Lightbringer.

Home Page

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