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  • The Dead and the Captured

    Thus far the heroes of Kassen have killed 8 bandits,30 mites, 5 monstrous centipedes and one huge monstrous centipede and a giant tick. The unrepentant bandits that were beheaded at Oleg's were; *Milo* and *Peleg*. After interrogating the bandits these …

  • Svetlana and Oleg Leveton

    He is very unsure of the party they look so young and what the hell is the furry chick? That dog of hers is amazing though! That halfling looks shifty to him. He's definitely going to have to order better locks for his stock.

  • Roskoe the Hunter

    He is so glad he surrendered on that fateful morning at Oleg's. He hopes the heroes takes care of the Stag-lord and his lackeys before he can truly relax. He is glad that Colton has survived he's a good kid and is more of a farmer than a woodsman. He …

  • Kolton the Animal Handler

    So far he feels very fortunate not have been killed thus far. He is praying that the 'heroes' quickly take care of the Stag-lord and some of his men. Until they are 'taken care of' he can't start the next chapter of his life. He absolutely adore the …