Sylfur Whitestar



Formulas Known

- Adhesive Spittle – Spit tanglefoot bag
- Crafter’s Fortuen – +5 on Craft check
- Cure Light Wounds – 1d8 +1/level
- Targeted Bomb Admixture – Bomb hits one target, add x2 int modifier to damage, 1rnd/level
-True Strike – +20 on next attack roll
-Reduce Person – 1 size down
-Heightened Awareness – +2 perception and knowledge, +4 initiative on dispell
-Bomber’s Eye – Increases thrown weapon range, +1 insight bonus on attack, 1rnd/level

Alchemy Items Known

-Tea of Transference –
-Desiccating Lubricant – 1d4 nonlethal damage, -2 combat maneuvers, -2 CMD, 1 minute
-Blood Boiling Pill – +2 initiative and saves againts cold
-Shriek Bomb – 2d6 damage in 1d3 rounds after being thrown
-Unstable Accelerant – +1d6 damage to fire bombs
-Bombadier Acid – 2d6 damage


The Tale of Sylfur

Sylfur is a second-generation elf Brevoy citizen. His father, Ionian, built a small storefront in the front of their home from which he sold general goods to the area. Ionian bought and traded from traveling merchants and managed to maintain a decent living. His mother helped at the storefront while keeping up with the home.

Having a stable home environment and being an only child gave Sylfur plenty of time to get lost in books and study. Over time he became more and more entranced in study and the pursuit of knowledge that he would spend days in his room reading and tinkering. Thus, he had no friends and lacked social skills. In order to help his family, though, he worked in the back of the shop managing inventory.

One night, his reading was suddenly halted when he received news that his parents died in a tragic accident. Both were run down in a terrible drunk cart-driving accident. Suddenly, this socially inept man had inherited an entire home and shop, which he had no idea how to run. Even in the midst of the deaths and looming financial trouble, he continued his pursuit of knowledge. In order to keep his family’s home and shop, he renovated his parents’ bedroom into his alchemical laboratory and began selling various potions and remedies to the town. He doesn’t fair well in his ship because he doesn’t communicate well, but manages to get by.

Almost 1 year into managing the store and being very stressed out, the mayor of Kassen, Jonark Uptal offered to purchase the family store and apartment. He convinced Sylfur to use the money to attend Reykal Institute in New Stetven. The mayor believed he owed Sylfur at least this much to your parents, as they were always helping out the community He expects Sylfur to come back before he ‘conquers’ the world when he graduates.

Sylfur is a brooding, deep-thinking man. He is not mean, but, because of his lack of interaction as a child, lacks social skills. Others often perceive him as awkward, or slightly insane. He poorly communicates his thoughts and ideas, although they are generally brilliant.

Sylfur Whitestar

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