Kolton the Animal Handler



Kolton was one of the seven bandits that we first encountered when arriving at Oleg’s fort. His first impression was a good one. He did not want to be there, nor be a bandit. He seemed kind hearted. Kolton is better with animals than he is with a sword or a bow ,but he is still a valuable skill to keep around. He has proven himself loyal on at least two occasions: one being the assault on the bandit camp and second watching the horses and killing the fleeing mites as they left their lair. He is a 3rd lvl commoner.


So far he feels very fortunate not have been killed thus far. He is praying that the ‘heroes’ quickly take care of the Stag-lord and some of his men. Until they are ‘taken care of’ he can’t start the next chapter of his life.
He absolutely adore the Jurten horses. He has never ever seen such specimen of horses. He enjoys taking care of them.
He is 5’9" tall with long brown hair and brow eyes. He is the only one left after bandits killed his family. They were farmers.

Kolton the Animal Handler

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