Kaleb of Kassen

halfling rogue


He HATES to be patted on his head. He thinks all tall people never look where they walk and run over the shorter folk. So he likes to stay on his horse or get on the table to make sure he is seen. He is preternaturally quick. He grew up on the streets and had to be ready to run or fight at a moments notice. He has trained as best as he can to be alert and deadly with his sling. Traps just come naturally to him. He has promised to never steal from his family and now this group has become his family. He’s still not sure about the Alchemist though. He’s pissed that his father didn’t get him a dog like the druid. Hell he trains them and helps people get matched with the right pups. I don’t care that I’m not a Ranger, Druid or a Cavalier he’s my friggin dad! He should make sure I get one. Oh well!


Kaleb of Kassen

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