Empire Builder

The Dead and the Captured

Bandits and Mites

Thus far the heroes of Kassen have killed 8 bandits,30 mites, 5 monstrous centipedes and one huge monstrous centipede and a giant tick.
The unrepentant bandits that were beheaded at Oleg’s were; Milo and Peleg. After interrogating the bandits these two were beheaded.
The 6 bandits that were killed at the Thorn River Camp were Krestle the female lieutenant., Adran the half-elf mercenary turned bandit,Stor-raven eyes(a sadistic, foul tempered deserter of the Mendevian Crusade and his mate Grigor the pale. The first killed was by the heroes was Upton the Silent. No one will miss him as he liked to experiment on those that wouldn’t join the bandits. The only one that maybe missed is Adran but fate can be fickle and he was killed by Methos the elven arcanist .

Here are the bandits and how they stand:

Sir Ulric the swordlord. He has been very forthcoming with information on the Stag-lord and his operations. He should be utilized to the utmost. He is a very dangerous swordsman and until he swears fealty may need to be watched closely. 5th lvl fighter.

Happs of Liadon. Since Father Leilos has healed him and he has been witnessing the ‘miracles’ (magic) abounding the heroes. He’s had a real change of heart. He still has a lifetime of bad habits to get rid of. The bullying at least to this point has stopped. He has held up his end of the bargain thus far. He tells the group that until the Stag-lord and his lackeys are dead everyone is in grave danger. 3rd lvl ranger.

Colton is a young man just turned 20 who watched the bandits kill his family. He wished he could have killed Krestle as she tortured his father and brother. He likes animals more than people and has become very withdrawn. His job was to take care of the horses. He is completely in awe of the Jurten horses. He has never ever seen such specimens. He needs someone that he can confide in if he is to ever come out of his shell. He is a 2nd lvl commoner.

Roscoe is a competent woodsman. He knows life is hard and he just rolls with what ever life has to offer. He has long red hair and a full beard. He looks like a lumberjack. He is a 2nd lvl warrior. He would love to find a wife and settle down if the heroes can make this area relatively safe.

The rest of the bandits in no particular order are:

1) Ebert, a middle aged mercenary who will follow the money but is very grateful to Leilos for healing his excruciating burns from that evil elven bomber. 2nd lvl warrior.

2) Dugal, a balding man with a perpetual scowl. He is very quiet and reserved. If patient with him and with much alcohol, the group will find out that his whole family was killed and right now is aimless with little reason to live. He used to own a farm. 2nd lvl commoner.
3) Nesbit is a lumberjack. He was captured by the bandits and was forced to participate in some very evil things that he wishes to get to forget. 1st lvl warrior.
4)Oakes like Nesbit was captured by the bandits while cutting lumber in the woods to the south. 1st lvl warrior.
5) Pike is a veteran mercenary who still has nightmares fighting demons. He’s not proud to tell you that he deserted his unit and believes that he is alive today because he did. Deathly afraid of demons. 2nd lvl warrior.
6) Antal the hungry. Antal was the halfling cook. He is always eating and tried real hard to make himself as useful as possible. 2nd lvl commoner.
7) Hedwig a shiftless young man who is very hard to read. 1st lvl warrior.
8) Raikes is an over weight stinky man that the rest of the bandits would not miss. He seems to be yelled at a lot because he acts like and idiot and doesn’t pitch in and do his share. 1st lvl warrior.

From Stag Lord Fort

Stag Lord; killed by Sir Ulrich! Congratulations he was very evil and also a lunatic.
Dovan from Nisroch; killed by Sir Ulrich! He was 3rd in charge at the fort and most there other than Ox wanted him dead.
Ayles Magesen killed by the mad bomber! Well deserved death he liked to ‘experiment’ on surviving victims.
Markard Ironmark ‘the sticher’ killed by Kaleb. Professional warrior and ex-best friend of Falgrim Sneeg. Not necessarily evil but not good either!

1)Cragger Kench: 3rd level thief was beaten senseless by the Staglord after* Jex* told him that he drank some of his liquour. He has some brain damage. He will probably kill Jex!
2)Dirty Jeb Magesen: 3rd lvl warrior and little brother to Ayles Magesen. He’s a psychotic killer like his dead brother!
3)Falgrim Sneeg is the mercenary that is wanted in Rostland. He is a 3rd lvl warrior.
4)Fat Norry: is always eating and will eat everyone’s left overs. He is definitely rotund but still a strong warrior. He too is a 3rd lvl warrior.
5)Jex the Snitch: The least popular with the men but was a favorite of the late Staglord. He has been telling all of you the dirt on everyone! He has asked for protection! He is a 3rd lvl warrior.
6)Topper Red: was a struggling street poet from the city of Pitax. He fled that city when an affair turned sour and an angry husband wants him dead. He eventually joined the ranks of the bandits while romanticizing the thrilling life of a lawless brigand. He was so mistaken. He is a 2nd lvl bard. He was camp ‘bitch’. He was the one made to do the most tedious jobs and worst jobs.
7)‘Silent’ Valkeri Sothale: The youngest inhabitant of the fort, he is an 18 year old orphan and formerly a burglar. He had to flee Restov when a’ job’ went awry. The rest of the gang left him to take the fall. He got away while he was being held before his arraignment. He is a 2nd lvl rogue. Dovan cut out his tongue when he heard him snicker after Akiros stopped him from beating Topper Red. He probably would have tried to kill Dovan.
8)Father Avery Tessino: is a much older bandit into his early 40’s. He was once a priest of Erastil in a small settlement to the Southeast. It has been razed by bandits. This caused him to lose faith in Erastil and he became a bandit because Erastil did nothing to stop the slaughter of his community.
9)Akiros Ismort: He is a very conflicted man from Taldor. He was a former paladin of Erastil. The elven enchantress knows most of his background. He is 1st paladin/3lvl barbarian.
10)Ox: What to do with Ox is a very vexing question. He is too dangerous to let out into society but he is almost childlike in his innocence. If Akiros had not taken responsibility over him you probably would have had to put him out of his misery. He is a 2nd lvl fighter/ 2nd lvl barbarian. He is a huge man child!
11)Sted Buckman: is a Rostlander man of 28 who is master craftsman. He was brought by Sir Ulrich for the Staglord to help his endeavors. He is a weaponsmith/bowyer and fletcher. He is a 5th lvl expert. Sir Ulrich was very happy that nothing had happened to him as he feels responsible for him. Ask me for his background he will gladly tell you and ask for help.



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