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Stag Lord's Fort Loot

Stag Lord

From Dovan’s body:
Studded Leather Armor +1, Mithral Rapier +1, cure moderate potions(2) masterwork dagger, 3 daggers,silver Stag Lord amulet worth 20 gp, turquoise earrings worth 210 gp each, 49 gp, 9 pp.

Stag Lord’s body:
longsword+1_,cure moderate potion(2),leather armor+2_,+1 Adjusting Composite longbow_,_amulet of natural armor +1,Staglord’s helm,efficient quiver, 20 arrows, human slaying arrow, elven slaying arrow,2 javelins, +1 spear, staff of minor arcana_,_dominate human gold ring wrapped in green thread or hair( was only keyed to dominate his dad), gold Stag Lord amulet worth 80 gold, key.

Not sure if you will take away Ox’s stuff? You might need to kill him if you try to take his stuff away from him.
Mstrwrk Chainmail,Magical Great Club,potions(2),potion,silver Stag Lord amulet worth 20 gp, a pewter engraved drinking stein worth 25 gp, tin and pewter toys( dragons, knights etc) worth 120 gold.

You will have to kill Akiros to take his stuff!

From the 2 bandits killed, Ayles Magesen and Markard Ironmark ‘the Stitcher’:
2 short swords, 2 composite longbows rated at 14 str, 40 arrows, 2 silver Stag Lord amulets,20 gp, chain mail, chain shirt 2 daggers.

From Stag Lord’s Room:
2 chests; full of extra bedding, extra burlap cloth, 3 crudely stitched masks , 8 teeth.
1 chest; 280 gold, 7 gems total worth 700 gold, 2 jewelry worth 200 gold,and a journal.

From the Armory;
10 composite longbows at 14 str, 260 arrows, 6 short swords, 6 spears, 5 50 foot lengths of hemp rope, set of chisels, 3 hammers, 4 tins of iron nails, 5 sets of leather armor, 1 chain mail, 20 pairs of boots and shoes of different sizes, 4 leather hides ready for armor etc.

The bandits tell you that the rest of the loot is in the basement guarded by the ‘old man’.

From the basement:

A large amount of stolen wealth was found in these 3 rooms— the bandits have been stockpiling their ill-gotten goods for almost 1 year. The majority of the wealth kept here consists of mundane trade goods like pelts, furs, tobacco, iron, bronze,tin, miscellaneous weapons and armor(none masterwork or magic), and miscellaneous adventuring gear and tools worth a total of 10000 gp. In addition in one large and long chest was a +1 aldori dueling sword, +1 mithral chain shirt, a silver signet ring, incriminating note from Korvoso family. In 3 chests are scattered 7700 cp, 3591 sp, 1568 gp, 196 platinum. In one silk bag are 5800 gp in various pieces of stolen jewelry.

Pearl of Power (IV Level)
Cloak of Resistance +2
Hide Armor +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1

This is a lot of wealth!

Gifts from Mikmek and kobolds:

700 gp worth of crude silver. 2 mstrwrk heavy crosbows, mstrwrk long spear, mstrwrk breastplate, mstrwrk chain-mail, mstrwrk trident.
He is very effusive with his appreciation and hopes this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with his Norixius Clan!



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