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Spreadsheet for Everything

Could we possibly have this stuck to the front page?

This is a link to all current loot.

Please double check me. I’ve been working on this for a while, but it need double checking.

Some notes:

Stag Lord loot has not been divied out yet.

Edit: Basement has been added along with magical items

We stated that we would not sell the armory items so those were not included.

For the mites/kobolds we let the kobolds keep most of the weapons so that is also not included.



After the Stag Lord

Fuego, Kaleb, Leilos, and Methos have 3445gp

Galadriel, Sylfir, Daffodil have 2199gp

This is if nothing has been spent

Edit: bassment and mikmek gold has not been added to these totals so add 2293 to that. These totals could change if non-magical items are claimed or given away.


ok I just added more stuff from the basement and I am about to add stuff that Mikmek brought their lair.


Good job! Thanks!


You all have a real good start on equipping your army when you officially make one!


Tim this is awesome. Ten points for him for taking time to do this. Thanks man!


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