Empire Builder

Entry #1 - A Rocky Beginning

As our party sets out on this journey to The Stolen Lands I can’t help but worry about our party’s future. The only thing that binds us is a small piece of parchment and a far off power… Nevertheless, I begin this log hopeful for the future, and ready to document our adventure’s beginning.

We have received a charter from the Swordlords of Restov, giving us all authority and power to stamp a claim on this area known as the Stolen Lands. Our path from Restov to our points of contact, Oleg and Svetlana Leveton was, surprisingly free of any danger, nor intellectual discovery.

Upon arrival, they informed us of a group of bandits that had been exploiting the trading post and stealing goods and resources. The group quickly decided upon a trap to entangle the bandits and it functioned fairly smooth.

Three of our party members, [Tim, Becca, and Logan], began to interrogate the bandits. After rather brutish behavior from Tim and Becca and an exceptionally long amount of banter from Logan, some information was gained from the bandits. A plan was then set in place to invade the nearby bandit camp, for fear of an impending retaliation.

Again, I find myself in a crux, I could continue with what often appears to be a group of brutish adventurers, or return to a calm, warm room and my books. The student that resides within me says to return to safety, but the intellectual that resides within me believes a plethora of knowledge is still to be gained from this endeavor. So for now, I will continue with the group.

May this be an endeavor for peace and knowledge,
Sylfur Whitestar

Kassen gifts

Everyone; masterwork backpack, small tent, waterskin, mess kit, explorers outfit, cold weather gear including winter blanket, bedroll, 50 ft. hemp rope, 2 tinder twigs, 10 torches, 5 days of iron rations.
heavy horses w/ military saddle, saddle bags, bit&bridle,30 lbs of feed, horse blanket. These horses are Jurten bred which means they are stronger and tougher than the usual heavy horses. They do well in the cold but not in the heat. — Think Clydesdales but for knights.
You may need to purchase another heavy horse and a heavy wagon for:
700 lbs of feed, 2 whetstones, 10 sewing needles and thread, 4 empty sacks, 2 grappling hooks, 2 crowbars, 4 shovels. 2 saws, 1/2 a keg of local mead, 5 bottles of local brandy, 2 sledge hammers, block&tackle, 10 pitons, 5 lbs. of soap, climber’s kit, healer’s kit, magnifying glass, 2 flint&steel, 2 10 square yards of canvas, 2 miner’s pick, 2 buckets, 2 grooming kits, 4 waterproof bags, 200 ft of string, after much haggling the town council of Kassen will donate another heavy horse and large wagon with cover.
1 extra heavy horse but not Jurten bred.
From Rodale and Dimira; masterwork snow shoes and custom boots for all.
Rostland from High Priest Ezvanki Keegh; wand of bless 12 charges (cl 5), map maker’s kit, 5 vials of black ink, 2 pens, surgeons tools, veterinarian’s kit, portable table, portable chair, scroll of lesser restoration, cure moderate potion.
SUGGESTIONS; buy masterwork artisan’s tools for your crafts! buy extra horse shoes!, spices, sugar etc! It will take a week to get supplies.

Loot and supplies
Crypt of the Everflame and Stolen Lands starting supplies

175 gp from body next to lake 25 gp each.
outside crypt door; s pints of lamp oil 2 iron rations 10 blunt arrows
pit 7 platinum pieces; 1 each
rm with 4 flasks of oil 5 days of iron rations 2 potions of cure light wounds
beetle; acid sack 2d6 dmg Alex wanted it
shadow;+1 dagger
supply vault everyone got a master work weapon of their choice
skeletons; silver necklace worth 200 gp
giant frogs; ring of swimming, 49 gp = 7 each
Azure fungus Alex has some
wheel rm;wayfinder, campfire bead
zombies; 21 gp= 3 each, cure moderate potion__
Potion cure moderate wounds
Assar;+ 1 great sword, +1 chain mail
Kassen;bag of holding(type 1),+1 bashing shield, water elemental gem_, Kassen’s boon (scales)
dead mage; wand of magic missile(cl5) 22 charges, bracers of armor 1, spell book_,_horn of fog

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Running and scheduling for 7 people can be challenging. I hope we can see this adventure path all the way through.


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