Svetlana and Oleg Leveton

The proprietors of the fort


Oleg is a middle aged mad with a gut. He is gruff and very independent. It really sickens him that he had to ask for help from Rostland. If it wasn’t for his wife he probably would have died trying to fight the bandits.
Svetlana is 12 years younger than Oleg. She is a kind and warm woman who is always ready with a smile. She loves Oleg and knows the situation with the bandits is killing him. She offers the guest house for the party for free which includes 2 meals and horses will also be taken care of.
They will purchase all unwanted gear for the standard 50% price. They only have a limited supply the first week but it will grow until they will have 500 gp bank to buy from party. Special order will take at least 2 weeks or more.


He is very unsure of the party they look so young and what the hell is the furry chick? That dog of hers is amazing though! That halfling looks shifty to him. He’s definitely going to have to order better locks for his stock.

Svetlana and Oleg Leveton

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