Roskoe the Hunter



Rosko was a part of the first group of bandits our group encountered. He first stood out as he was the last bandit standing after we ambushed their group, and freely surrendered. He was not a career bandit and joined their ranks to protect his own family. His full cooperation earned him some trust which he backed up with his help in our assault on the first bandit camp. His skills with a bow and hunting make him a valuable resource for our group and the fort. He is a 2nd lvl warrior.


He is so glad he surrendered on that fateful morning at Oleg’s. He hopes the heroes takes care of the Stag-lord and his lackeys before he can truly relax. He is glad that Colton has survived he’s a good kid and is more of a farmer than a woodsman. He hopes the heroes doesn’t keep dragging him on more ‘adventures even though he’s glad to have helped eradicate those evil mites.

Roskoe the Hunter

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