Empire Builder

Party Roles


- Role: Make the big decisions and guide the party.
- Required Skills: Diplomacy or two Knowledge skills
- Personal bonus: +1 on Perception checks
- Party bonus: 1/day the bonus gained through aiding can be doubled.
- Expected Player Task: To keep the group focused and on task. They are also given the power of counting as two people when the party needs to make a choice. This role is not permission to be a jerk to others and the GM can reassign or remove this role if it becomes a problem.

- Role: Maintain a map of the party’s explorations and, later, of the towns and other improvements in their kingdom.
- Required Skills: Craft (maps) or Profession (cartographer)
- Personal bonus: +1 on Knowledge (geography) and Knowledge (local) checks
- Party bonus: +25 XP per hex fully explored. The party also gains 25gp for each hex they explore due to selling the maps they create.
- Expected Player Task: Keep some sort of map of what the party has explored. This could as simple or complex as the player wishes, but it must also be legible and readable.

- Role: Maintain a written record of the party’s discoveries and exploits.
- Required Skills: Craft (essay/story), Profession (writer), or Profession (scribe)
- Personal bonus: +1 on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (nobility) checks
- Party bonus: +25 XP per hex fully explored. 1/day anyone in the party can reroll a knowledge check because they remembered something they had come across in their travels.
- Expected Player Task: Keep a written record of the games. This can be a simple or complex as the player desires but they must keep track of NPCs, major events, and locations at the very least. They are also in charge of keeping track of what day, month, and year it is in the game.

- Role: Keep track of the party’s funds, sell treasure acquired during adventures, and run the party’s payroll
- Required Skills: Appraise or Profession (clerk)
- Personal Bonus: +1 on Appraise checks; +2 on Spellcraft to identify magic items.
- Party Bonus: Whenever the party sells treasure the selling price is 10% higher.
- Expected Player Task: They must keep a record of all discovered loot. This record can be as complex or simple as the player desires, but must include how much wealth the party has in coins, art, and gems, and what items the party has but hasn’t distributed to the individual party members.

- Role: Purchase supplies for the party and monitor their use and distribution.
- Required Skills: Knowledge (local) or Profession (merchant)
- Personal Bonus: +1 on Appraise checks; Bonus feat: Well Prepared, even if they don’t meet the requirements for the feat. The money that pays for items gained through the feat comes from the party’s shared wealth.
- Party Bonus: The party buys all equipment with a 10% discount, this includes minor magic items, but not medium or major.
- Expected Player Task: Handle the inventory of the parties shared equipment. This includes buying anything that the party is going to need but share among the members. None of the items in this inventory are owned by any one party member, but are shared by all. Magic items like wands, scrolls, potions, situational and/or expendable items or magical containers could be included in the inventory. The quartermaster is not expected to carry this inventory, but they are expected to know who is holding what.

Secondary Roles
These are roles that characters can take on but that do not need to be filled. Each PC can only take one of these if there isn’t an available primary role. There are no actions that the player needs to do each week but there are still bonuses involved in taking on these roles. Players can choose to take on a secondary role as well as a primary one, but it is expected that they role play the role just as much as the primary one.

Animal Handler
- Role: Care for the party’s animals.
- Required Skills: Handle Animals, Profession (farmer), or Profession (trainer) – Bonus: Mounts used by the party are considered war trained. No check or time is needed to do this.

- Role: Maintain the party’s equipment, especially arms and armor. – Required Skills: Any Craft
- Bonus: Due to the expedition’s resources, the cost of crafting mundane items is 1/4 rather than 1/3 of the finished item’s price. This only applies to what the character crafts.

- Role: Keep the party fed.
- Required Skills: Profession (cook), Profession (baker), or Profession (brewer)
- Bonus: +2 to survival checks to find food. Food is always tasty and filling.

- Role: Act as the “face” for the party – make first contact with potentially friendly persons and negotiate contracts.
- Required Skills: Diplomacy and must speak two languages besides common. – Bonus: 1/day a diplomacy check may be rolled twice and the best result taken.

- Role: Keep the party healthy
- Required Skills: Heal, Profession (herbalist), or Profession (surgeon) – Bonus: 1/day the amount of HP healed from treating deadly wounds is doubled. You may choose to use this bonus after you roll your heal check.

- Role: Document the flora and fauna observed by the party, and offer insight into natural hazards
- Required Skills: Knowledge (nature), or Profession (herbalist)
- Bonus: +2 on Survival checks to find food. +1 on all heal checks made in the wilderness.

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