Empire Builder

Kelsey's notes for our Kingmaker Campaign

  • I first want to apologize for my poor spelling in the names of people and whatnot, I write it as it sounds. Also, Alex is the storyteller. So I will leave it up to him to do that. These notes are straight out of my notebook.

Kobolds are the enemy
Bandits lost leg and killed for fun
Dangerous rabid boar
Temple of Erastil
-Grizzly bear shakes off arrows
-Maybe undead
-Werebear? Normally good
Svetlana spoke to Becca only of moon radishes
Missing stolen wedding ring by mites
Old sycamore tree with opening at roots
-Old rickety bridge (horse too heavy)
Bokken the alchemist is a trader/distributor
8 bandits left
Colten and Rosco
Password to Staglord: “By the bloody bones of St. Gilmore, who wants to know?”
The bandits are super chemically burned
-Neutral and brave
Tim and Logan have bandit names and details


Thanks again Kelsey and tell Logan to get off his butt and post notes.


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